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We are a progressive NVM office with enthusiastic and very experienced people. With 10-20 years of experience in Utrecht brokerage and a solid marketing background, we have been in the top 10 for years in terms of the annual number of sales, purchases and appraisals.

We would like to get to know you and of course your house and your living requirements. So that we can advise you as well as possible and help you with the sale or purchase of your home. We are busy looking at, comparing and valuing homes on a daily basis and are happy to share our knowledge to help you.



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Peter Peek - Peek & Pompe Makelaars
Peter Peek - RMT

Broker & Appraiser 


Bernhard Pompe - Peek & Pompe
Bernard Pompe - RMT

Broker & Appraiser 


Huub de Graaf
Huub de Graaf



Lieke van Loon

Office manager




Denise van de Hee

Office manager


Maudy van Eyk

Office manager


Tom Kapitein



Peer Maas



Broker wanted in Utrecht

Due to the expansion of our successful office, we are looking for reinforcements.

How we work

Advising clients on market opportunities and using these through decisive mediation in purchasing and sales, with knowledge of statistics, experience and human feelings. In short, that is what PEEK&POMPE MAKELAARS does and what customers can expect from their real estate agent. You want clear advice, with clear facts and acceptable explanations, focused on your personal situation. You want a real estate agent that appeals to you. An office with a modern look and a real estate agent with whom you can communicate well and who represents you just as well.

If you want to buy a property, you want to know what the property is worth, what needs to be done about it, what the costs are and what the property is worth after renovation.

Is the property current and saleable in the future? In short, is it worth the investment? How much would you like to pay it for? What are your financial options? With which number will you be taken seriously, are you at risk of being denied or do you have a good chance of becoming the owner of your dream house? Proper knowledge and negotiating power are quite indispensable in this process. 

If you want to sell a property, you want a maximum result trhough an ideal moment of sale and closing.

Buy first and then sell, or sell first? What can you still do about your property to improve its marketability? And what shouldn't you do? Which maximum asking price does not deter you? Do you need to take into account negotiating or sales around or above the asking price? With what pricing strategy do I have a chance of obtaining the maximum return? How can you optimally present the property?

That is exactly on what PEEK&POMPE can advise you in detail and can, also, arrange everything for you. And those interested in your property also like to be helped by a real estate agent who is on the same wavelength as them and can think along with them. In short, a pleasant and effective way to sell your property with an optimal result! That is what PEEK&POMPE stands for!


Nowadays there are many ways to sell your house. With a real estate agent, online, selling by yourself or together, with an open house or by appointment. Please note that many providers do not offer more than just advertising space or stripped-down services, without feedback or sincere advice and support from their side.

A sale is about maximum benefit. In order to achieve this, it is best not to cut back on the sales, but rather to optimise it in all areas.

Purchasing is about as much market information as possible, limiting/excluding risks and buying a house that is as attractive as possible at the best possible price. For the right choices, it is better to go through the process with a locally established real estate agent.

PEEK&POMPE MAKELAARS follows the latest developments every day and sees several homes daily to compare. In this way, the opportunity for your dream home can be created and used immediately. From our extensive experience in sales, we know the differences and benefits in all districts, streets, housing types and finishing levels in relation to realized prices. Useful information for realistic home comparison and valuable purchasing advice is what we can offer you for sure.

If you have already found a property and would like advice on the value and negotiation tactics, we are also happy to assist you with a one-off purchase negotiation. We give sincere advice at all times, even if this does not lead to a purchase. We are determined to help you find your next home where you will be 100% satisfied. There is no better reference than our customer satisfaction. 

Our services are allround and complete, we take care of everything for a carefree purchase and / or sale. Affordable and absolutely worth it! Without surprises. Make an appointment to get acquainted with our office and our estate agents, so that you can get advice on your plans, situation or wishes without any obligation!

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