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Most asked questions

What does a broker do?
A real estate agent is a professional who mediates in the purchase, sale, rental or rental of real estate, such as houses, apartments, offices and commercial buildings. The real estate agent helps determine the right price, marketing strategies and negotiations between the buyer and seller or tenant and landlord.

How do I find a good agent?
There are several ways to find a good broker. Ask friends and family if they can recommend someone. Search online for reviews and ratings of real estate agents in your area. Also check whether the broker is affiliated with a trade association such as the NVM, VBO or VastgoedPRO.

What are the costs of an agent?
The costs of a broker can vary and depend on the services you purchase. For example, for a sales assignment you pay brokerage fee to the broker, usually a percentage of the sales price. For a purchase order, the broker can charge a fixed rate or a percentage of the purchase price. Always ask for a clear price quote prior to the assignment.

Do I need to hire a real estate agent to sell my home?
Engaging a real estate agent when selling your house is not mandatory, but it can be very useful. A real estate agent has a lot of experience and knowledge of the local housing market and can help you determine the right sales price, take professional photos and place advertisements.

How long does it take on average to sell a house?
The time it takes to sell a house can vary greatly and depends on several factors such as the condition of the house, price and location. In general, it takes an average of three to six months for a home to be sold. A good broker can help you speed up the process.

Do I have to engage a real estate agent when buying a house?
Engaging a real estate agent when buying a house is not mandatory, but it can be very useful. A real estate agent has a lot of experience and knowledge of the local housing market and can help you find suitable houses, determine the right price and conduct negotiations.

What is the difference between a sales broker and a purchase broker?
A sales broker specializes in selling houses and mainly works for the selling party. A buyer's agent specializes in buying houses and mainly works for the buying party. However, both brokers have a lot of knowledge of the housing market.

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